USED! Warg Sweater Size L

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Warg Sweater Size L. The sweater is hand-knitted in Icelandic wool (Alafosslopi - 100 percent wool).

This sweater Is USED ! What does that mean ? While it is still perfect condition the sweater has been worn by myself a few times ( usually for photos!) already :-)

Measurement around the Chest / Bust: 114 cm  ( This is the measurement around the chest of the sweater! Measure your favorite sweater to find out your ideal chest circumference of the sweater ) 

My sweaters robust and warm sweater perfect for your next outdoor adventure. :)

*Hand knitting a sweater is a looooot of work - a small sweater can have around 75k of stitches and depending on the speed of the knitter an average stitch count by the minute is 25 stitches. It usually takes around 40-100 hours of work depending on the size and details until a sweater is finished so handknitting a sweater is a hobby and not a business :)

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