NATIVE Bearheart fringe

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Bearheart Earrings handmade/ handbeaded by my Husband Calvin (Ojibway/Cherokee Native) 

The bear is known to be the cousins of many indigenous tribes of north America. The bear paw represents strength, power, humbleness, and wisdom. The black bear is a custom pattern created by my wife inspired by her knitwear and the native Zuni bear symbol, the shooting star shooting through the bear represents the bears path in life.


About me:

My name is Calvin and I am an Ojibway/Cherokee native - I grew up in the wild mountains of the great northwest state of Oregon.
As a true child of nature and wilderness my bead-work is strongly inspired by the wild winds, rumblings storms and wild waters I like to surround myself with next to my wife and our 7 dogs.
I love to spent hour over hour, one tiny bead at the time on creating bead-works not only to create something artistic, beautiful and forever lasting but also in honor of my ancestor's and with the goal to keep native bead work alive just as it has been already for 100s and 100s of years.
I created every piece of bead-work I offer with my very own hands, I believe bead-work carries the makers feelings and emotions with it to its new owner so whenever I sell a piece of bead-work I don't only give the work itself but also the good emotions I had when making each individual piece to its new owner.

Red Road Beading was born from the desire to create traditional but modern bead-works for not only traditional ceremonial purposes like some of the medallions but also modern everyday adventure bead-works such as earrings and bracelets my wife likes to wear while we spent our days outdoors hiking, hunting, fishing and mushing with the dogs.