Adventure Knitting

Adventure Knitting by @loparefur Vol.I

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Adventure Knitting by @loparefur Vol. I

Nordic Style Knits for Adventurers Big and Small

This Book is an eBook Kindle Edition! ( epub as well as pdf!)

*In purchasing this product you will receive a digital download Kindle ( epub with instructions and pdf!)so that you can knit them up yourself, not the actual finished item.

Knits for Adventures and the ones who love to live wild. Anna-Sofia Vintersol's Knitting Patterns keep you dry and warm on short and long adventures no matter the weather. Inspired by nature and its animals, ancient cultures, and Anna-Sofia's Background as Character-Designer and Artist - each pattern is like no other.

Ready for Adventure: Sweaters, Mittens, Socks, and even Dogsweaters - there is something for everyone.
Book Content :
36 Patterns in total :
Adventure - Sweaters: 18 Patterns
Adventure - Cardigans: 3 Patterns
Adventure - Child Patterns: 5 Patterns
Adventure - Headbands: 2 Patterns
Adventure - Mittens: 3 Patterns
Adventure - Short Mittens: 1 Pattern
Adventure - Socks: 1 Pattern
Adventure - Dog sweaters: 3 Patterns
Pages: 248

Language: English

 *In purchasing this product you will receive a digital download Kindle ( epub with instructions and pdf!)