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Leftover yarns always stock up no matter what – some rest can be used in other projects but many cannot - this hat is designed with the goal to use all of them.

Without any set rules - the hat is not only easy to knit due to its simplicity but also satisfying to look at as every single hat will be entirely unique from another making this hat ,,yours,, and guarantee there is no one out there having the exact same hat as you do!

(S, M, L)

Fits the circumference
(48-52, 53-57, 58-62) cm

Léttlopi fra Ístex
Leftovers-rest yarn!

Needed Yarn
Col 1: Maincolor : (50, 50, 50) g
Col 2: Yarnrests: (50, 50, 50) g

Vidde og Varde fra Hillesvåg
Leftover - Rest yarn!

Double pointed: 4,5 mm (if needed)
Circular 60 cm: 3,5 and 4,5 mm

Gauge:18 sts = 10 cm